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Documents and Flyers for Organizing

Documents and Flyers to help with organizing

Please contribute your resources to this list!

The following is a flyer some folks in Minneapolis made to spark discussion about womens/trans spaces and build solidarity at the Bicycle Film Festival after party:

A woman walks into a bike shop…

And walks right back out.

Women and gender non-conforming people are often talked down to or treated like sex objects within the bike scene. We deserve to have public space free of harassment, discrimination and general uncomfortable-ness, just as men do!

We’re here to promote WTF (women/trans/femme) friendly space. If you’re on it, show your support by wearing green-and-white ribbons, available from one of the many green-and-white ribbon sporters here tonight. Thanks!


There are a number of WTF bike spaces in the Twin Cities. See the reverse of this flyer for where and when to find them.

We want to see more films at the Bicycle Film Festival produced by women and featuring WTF bikers. For info on how to submit films for the 2012 festival, go to And get on your bikes an’ ride! *ding *ding

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