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Find a Women and Transgender Bike Space near you

Many community bike shops across the country have a night for women and trans people. There are too many for us to list here, and we’d probably miss a lot anyhow. A good web resource for finding a community/diy bike spaces in your area is the Community Bicycle Organizations Wiki. These spaces may or may not have a women/trans/queer night, but if your local shop doesn’t have one, you should help get it started!

Women and Transgender Bike Spaces in the Twin Cities

Grease Rag/GR NE

Laura and Kat were interviewed about a group based out of Minneapolis: Grease Rag Ride & Wrench. Grease Rag’s mission is to encourage and empower women/ trans/ femme (WTF) cyclists in a collaborative and fun learning environment through rides, discussions, shop nights and educational seminars in a safer space.

Sibley Bike Depot W/T open shop

The Hub Bike Coop’s women’s rides

Dames on Frames Feminist Bike Zine

There are currently 5 issues of this feminist bike zine available online for free download, but only through August 31st. Feel free to make copies and distribute locally, join the email list, or put out issue #6!

The other spaces featured in the film are:

Yellow Bike Project in Austin, TX. They have  Women’s Only Night several tims a month where they fix up bikes for donation to other women’s groups such as shelters. Check their calendar for upcoming dates

The Bike Church in Philedelphia, PA. They hold a Women and Transgender Open Shop on Wednesdays.

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